About Us

We let you focus on what you do best, while we do for you what we do best!

About Us: Red Dot Marketing™ (RDM) is a part of the Eternitech Group of Companies, and operates in a unique framework called “Loosely Coupled Companies™” (See below).

The group provides a broad range of technology and marketing solutions – from identifying your need, to designing and building your web and social presence.

This is also followed by digital marketing, content writing, inbound marketing, SEO, social campaigns, lead generation and more.

Hence, a One Stop Shop to help you, our valued customers, succeed in what you do.

The employees and partners of RDM bring together tens of years of hands-on experience, combining youth, experience, creativity and professionalism to help you Generate More Leads and Sales for Less Money!

The “Red Dot Marketing” Concept

Furthermore, RDM uses the Red Dot Concept™ developed over the years by Solly Tamari, an experienced manager, marketer and serial entrepreneur. This concept is a way for companies to Stand Out among the tremendous “white noise” in the market, which consequently translates into More Leads for Less Money – better ROI for you.

RDM works with each company helping them find their Red Dot – whether they know it or not yet. Then we use this Red Dot in whatever service the customer uses, whether designing and building your site, writing compelling content, promoting your company and bringing you customers.

New Business Framework – “Loosely Coupled Companies”

RDM takes advantage of the new business landscape – the whole world. As mentioned above, Loosely Coupled Companies™ is a concept developed in the US by Solly Tamari, and allows the Eternitech Companies plus the RDM Business Partners to take advantage of the specialization in today’s worldwide market, in order to provide our valued customers with the best and most effective solutions. We are also expert Project Managers – we will worry – so that you don’t.

We use scientific concepts, human behavior, and unique analytics to bring results!

Call us now if you would like to find out more About Us, or for a Free Consultation on how to help you generate more business for your company.

+972-9-374-1244   info@reddotmarketing.co.il

Meet Your New Best Friends, Our Ninjas.

Solly Tamari
Solly TamariCo-Founder & Chief Box Developer
Some People think “Out of the Box”, we try to “Create a New Box”.

An Autodidact and Professional Project Manager (PMP), Solly is an experienced Manager, Marketer, Content Writer and Salesperson. As an ex-CEO of several companies, Solly also brings the perspective of the client. A serial entrepreneur, he has also started several companies in Israel and the US. Solly’s background is in Technology, Science, and Education.
He also wants to improve the world. “I believe in a Dual Bottom Line: Financial and Social.”

Shahar Albag
Shahar AlbagCo-Founder of RDM, Founder and CEO of Eternitech
Bringing over 15 years of experience in a variety of fields, from image and signal processing algorithms for the IDF, to management of development teams for large-scale web applications. Shahar is an entrepreneur at heart and practice, and a passionate dreamer. Shahar thinks “Out of the Box”, and has a huge love for his family, dogs and late night coding.
Guy Cizner
Guy CiznerHead of SEO, SEM
Over 10 years practical experience, getting faster positive results. A graduate of the Stevens Institute Of Technology, with a Masters degree in software engineering and project management . Combining theoretical knowledge with years of practical experience allows me to internally understand all the technical aspects and necessities of your project.
Sami Sabin
Sami SabinHead of Social Networks
An expert in Advertising and Digital Marketing using various Social Media platforms. Over 9 years’ experience in Result Driven, Digital Campaign Management
Max Linetsky
Max LinetskyHead of Graphic Design, UI/UX
After graduating from WIZO Academy of Design in 2005 as a graphic designer and illustrator, Max has worked for various agencies mastering advertising, branding, and commercial design. In the last 7 years, Max has specialized in Web design, UI/UX, and Branding.
Lorena Verdugo
Lorena Verdugo Client Relations Manager & PMO
Lorena studied Business Management at Diego Portales University, Chile. In Israel, she gained skills in PHP, Webmaster, and Social Media Marketing. She is a very happy person and loves spending her time with her family and friends. Lorena is very organized, very professional, and very happy to handle any project – tell her once, and she will make sure it happens!
Sharon Bril
Sharon BrilSales and Marketing Manager
Sharon is very dedicated to work. He is also a very ambitious, self-motivated and energetic person that loves social events and meeting new people. With many years of strategic and creative sales experience with middle and large size companies, Sharon will put your ideas and projects on the right track.