Social Network Marketing & Promotion

I’m sure that you have heard of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. All these are examples of Social Media Platforms, where people build relationships and share interesting information. Social Media is also one of the most important marketing tools that you can use in order to promote your business.

The importance of marketing using Social Media is that people will share information they like, thereby becoming your “resellers”. This will happen if you provide them with good content, content that gives them some kind of value, such as a White Paper or interesting news.

Choosing which of these platforms to use, and how to use them in the most effective way, changes from business to business. If you sell to teenagers you will probably use a different social platform than if you sell to senior citizens (yes, even they use some social networks).

Knowing which platform and how to promote your business on that platform is one of Red Dot Marketing’s specialties. We will evaluate your business requirements, decide which is the best platform, and build an Effective Marketing Plan.

So what are some of the main Social Platforms for Marketers? According to a report by Inc. Magazine these are:

  1. Facebook 52%
  2. LinkedIn 21%
  3. Twitter 13%
  4. YouTube 4%
  5. Google+ 4%
  6. Pinterest 3%
  7. Instagram 2%

These numbers don’t necessarily mean that you should always choose Facebook. We will always evaluate and recommend the best Social Media Platform suited for your business.

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