What is “Red Dot”?

Red Dot Marketing is a concept developed by Solly Tamari during his 17 years stay in the U.S.  (See story below.)

Imagine yourself looking at a big blank White wall. This wall represents your target market and what all your competitors are doing – painting White. If you do what everyone is doing, you will spend a lot of money on White marketing efforts, that will disappear in the Sea of White.

If instead, you would find some kind of Red Dot, something unique and different from what everyone else is doing, you would be noticed by potential customers. You would Stand Out! And, at a fraction of the cost.

In all of the above paragraphs, what caught your attention first?

This concept is based on scientific laws and the laws of nature and has been proven many times. Every company has or can create their Red Dot to give them that differentiator – their way of Standing Out! We will help you find your company’s Red Dot.

So what is our Red Dot??

First, we are Effective. This means that we focus not just on building a wonderful website or writing nice content, (which we do), rather we focus on using these skills to help you achieve the real results you want – an increase in customers, sales, and profits.

Second, we employ the Red Dot Concept throughout the process, working together with you to help you find and benefit from your Red Dot.

Third, we are a new and unique type of organization – Loosely Coupled Companies™ – comprised of several of the best sister companies and partners working in coordination in order to provide to you an effective, synergistic, One-Stop-Shop for all your digital marketing needs.

So, what’s your Red Dot??

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NJEA Booth 4 with Red Dot

The story behind developing the concept:

As part of his work Solly attended numerous Trade Shows, Conferences, and Conventions throughout the U.S. – a different city almost every month. His company, Effective Education, Inc., sold unique Science Kits made in Israel.

In the beginning, Solly’s booth and the clothes he wore were similar to the other exhibitors. Potential customers would come into the booth and they were positively impressed by the products. They would leave their contact information, take some brochures – and move on to the next booth.

As a good marketer, a week after the show Solly would man the phones and follow up on all the leads from the show. In most cases they didn’t remember Solly, or the company or the products. They didn’t even remember the other exhibitors. Most returned home after the show packed with brochures and other marketing material, straight back to their daily problems and routines.

Therefore, Solly decided that he needed to do something different that would make people remember him!

Solly’s wife bought him a Purple Science Wizard Coat full of stars and with a pointed cap– and, of course, a Magic Wand. Solly transformed his booth and his whole presentation to a Magical Science Show. (Yes, that’s Solly, in the picture). People noticed the Wizard, came to his booth and were very excited with the presentation, which also increased the number of leads he received at the shows.

However, the most important part was that a week later, when he followed-up with the leads, this time when they didn’t remember the company name or the product, he told them “I was the Science Wizard in the Purple Lab Coat”. They immediately said, “Yes, now I remember, and I also remember the wonderful kits.” Memory by association.

This helped connect and nurture these potential customers and doubled the sales.